About us

Exhaust system production is an important part of the automotive industry and is crucial for the faultless technical operation of a vehicle. The company Novak, izpušni sistemi, Novo mesto, realized the market was in need of replacement exhaust systems. Therefore in 1976 Marija opened a small industrial workshop that is successfully managed today by her son Robert, and eventually developed into a powerful industry dealing with the production and service of exhaust systems. While NOVAK has a 40-year tradition of experience in our field, we are continually striving towards expansion and modernizing our processes, as indicated by obtaining the international quality certificates ISO 9002 in 1996 and, later, ISO 9001/2000. Hence, rich practical experiences came in handy.
Other impressive recognition worth mentioning is that the company was granted Euro type-approvals for exhaust systems according to the E 59 norm and SQ certificate, i.e. the green mark of Slovenian quality for sports exhaust systems.
Research of new materials and constant improvement of production processes are two decisive features of the Novak company. Our products are manufactured in accordance with precisely defined quality and technical standards, and are approved to the most current European standards governing noise and return pressure. Our range of products allows one to choose finished sets or individual parts. NOVAK mufflers are always compatible with all automotive equipment and are, in comparison to original replacement parts, more economical, while providing the same or even superior quality. Thanks to an extremely high level of production automation, we are able to manufacture up to 2700
silencers per day.
The company has over 130 wholesale customers in Slovenia alone. Outside Slovenia, we export our products to Croatia, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Nederlands, Denmark, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Israel, Switzerland, and all the way to Ukraine, all of which amounts to 80% of our market.


Current production is state of the art and technologically sophisticated. The production process includes high quality materials, as the company is obliged to do so by, among other things, granted certificates and standards.

NOVAK products are constructed with sheet metal and pipes that offer excellent durability due to a galvanic application of corrosion resistant aluminium on both sides. Partition walls in the mufflers are at least 1.8 millimetres thick. The principal product processing takes place on computer-controlled production lines. All pipes and carriers are machine-shaped with numeric control. Inner pipes produced on the basis of the latest technology don’t have holes on critical points like welded joints, for example. The flexible pipes of NOVAK exhaust systems are reinforced, so they absorb stress and compensate for possible faults in the assembly process, which also guarantees better durability. Knowledge of the market, understanding and consumer-consciousness have always been important factors of the company’s success. Every day thousands of people in Slovenia and around the world choose NOVAK mufflers and catalysts. The Novak company works with persistence and eagerness, aiming towards an increased number of users.

NEW! In addition to the production of exhaust mufflers and pipes, now Novak offers every solution with
diesel particulate filters (DPF/FAP). We offer cleaning, rebuilding and also we sell new filters with
homologations and guarantee.


The goal of the company Novak, izpušni sistemi, is to introduce our services to our customers in the best way
possible. Therefore, apart from the production facility, the company also owns five specialized service centres in
Slovenia (in Novo mesto, Ljubljana, Celje, Maribor and Slovenska vas).
Note that all exhaust system service centres are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, such as curving machines
with widening and cut-out units, exhaust-gas emission measurement devices and catalyst activity measurement
devices. This means that any of our establishments can adapt an exhaust system to your vehicle, whether it is your
personal car or a goods vehicle. Additionally, the company keeps the majority of exhaust systems for known
automobile brands in stock, so you rarely need to wait. Service workshops across Slovenia have ten professionally
trained workers employed at the service centres, and six in management and travel service.
NOVAK products have a two-year guarantee, whereas the sports line and Inox products carry a three-year guarantee.
All materials are imported from Italy, in particular aluminium sheet metal and pipes, which are used for the
production of high-quality exhaust systems practically all over the world.
Visit us at our establishments. Better than original Novak exhaust systems