In our company we are producing exhaust systems for cars, ATVs, caravans (campers), trucks up to 20 tons of weight and also for combined and military vehicles, construction machinery, generators, forklifts, tractors, etc. We manufacture and install exhaust pipe at the request of the each partie. Besides offering conventional exhaust systems we also offer sports exhaust systems and decorative pipes of various shapes on the closure of the exhaust system.

Researching new materials and the continuous improvement of podruction processes are two determined features of NOVAK. Our products are manufactured in accordance with specified quality and technical standards and are approved to the latest European standards that are governing noise and feedback pressure.

Our catalog allows you to select a ready-made kits or individual components. Our silencers are always compatible with all car accessories and compared to original spare part they prived savings at the same o reven higher quality standard. At extremely high degree of production automation we can daily produce up to 2700 exhaust pipes.