Production line

As the leading producer of car mufflers in the recent thee decades, thanks to the continous testing and use of tecnological advanced systems, today NOVAK can produce on specific request both ready-to-install kits and separate components. The research of new materials and constant refinement of the manufacturing process are just two of NOVAK’s features. NOVAK products are made in accordance with precisely defined European approval standards regulating the noice and recurrent pressure. Our catalogue enables you to choose ready-to-install kits or separate components. NOVAK mufflers are always compatible with all car fittings and, compared with original spare parts, they allow sure savings. NOVAK mufflers and components represent a long lasting guarantee for a successful job. Advanced machines and equipment with the highest level of automation are allowing us to produce up to 2.700 mufflers a day.

The NOVAK products are manufactured using plate and tubes protected on both sides by a layer of corrosion-proof aluminium for greater durability. The end plates of all NOVAK mufflers are at least 1.8 mm thick. Main procesing is carried out on computer-controlled automatic production lines. All tubes and brackets are shaped using numerical control machines. The inner pipes, manufacured using advanced techniques, have no holles in the criticalpoints, for example in the welds. The flexible pipes of NOVAK exhaust systems are reinforced to absorb stress and to compensate for any assembly defects, which ensures greater durability. Knowing the market and understanding and concern of the customer are important factors of NOVAK’s success. Everyday thousnds of people in Sloveni and all over the world choose NOVAK mufflers and catalityc converters.In the company NOVAK we all work with tenaciously and with passion to make them grow.


Subject to the exclusions and conditions set forth below, manufacturer warrants each new Exhaust system/Catalytic Converter it manufacturers as a premium quality product which has been designed and manufactured and is warranted to equal or exceed compliance specification for the European Homologation EC Type Approval Number e5 00 0001 issued 2002-29-01 per directive 70/220 EEC as last amended by Directive 98/77 EC, and to be free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for 24 (Twenty Four) months or 50,000 km (Fifty Thousand) kilometres or 30,000 miles (thirty thousand) miles (which ever comes first) from the date of sale and / or installation. The stainless steel body alone is warranted for 5 (five) years or 100,000 km (one hundred) kilometres or 60,000 miles (sixty thousand) miles (which ever comes first) from the date of sale and / or installation. At the conclusion of the 24 month / 5 years or 50,000km / 30,000 mile or 100,000km / 60,000 miles period, whichever is applicable, all liability under this limited warranty shall terminate.

This warranty is strictly conditional upon the new catalytic converter:

being properly installed on the motor vehicle for which it is catalogued. Liability is furthermore expressly conditional and subject to correct application, mileage, durational and other limitations as more fully set forth herein and attached ‘Special Conditions and Warranty Compliance Provisions’;
that the ignition system, fuel system, engine and it’s emission control equipment was operating within the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications PRIOR to installation and has continued to operate correctly in service since installation of the replacement and now warranted catalytic converter;
that the engine was and remains tuned to original manufacturer specifications and is/ was used, serviced, repaired and maintained in proper operating condition at all times; and
that the fuel grade used, ignition, engine and / or it’s fuel system and / or emission equipment is / was not improperly malfunctioning so as to have lead-poisoned or damaged the catalytic converter.

WARNING: If the catalytic converter you replaced or are about to replace was damaged or destroyed by the melting of the ceramic monolithic structure, or the metallic substrate , it means that excessive amounts of liquid fuel particles reached the catalytic converter substrate. When this occurs, it raises temperatures causing the substrate to exceed its fusion point of around 1,500 degrees fahrenheit, thus harming the substrate. In such instances, the installer must first locate and correct the cause of the monolithic or substrate melting and in particular ensure that all the engine, ignition, fuel and emission system/s and or devices are operating correctly before replacing or renewing the catalytic converter.

Any failure where not a manufacturing defect in material or workmanship of the catalytic converter and / or is or may be due directly or indirectly to non motor manufacturer approved fuel, oil or engine additives, poor, incorrect grade or contaminated fuel, oil fouling and / or the malfunctioning of the vehicle and or it’s emission, engine and or fuel system is expressly not covered by this Catalytic Converter warranty.

Special conditions and warranty compliance provisions

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the motor vehicle has consistently received proper and adequate maintenance with regard to engine, fuel, ignition and emission system; and prescribed periodic log book scheduled service as recommended by the motor manufacturer for the model vehicle. The motor vehicle owner is obliged to operate the vehicle correctly at all times using only correct and quality lead free fuels, oils or lubricants as recommended by the motor manufacturer for the applicable model vehicle.

Liability is specifically limited to the maximum value of the catalytic converter sold or furnished, and excludes any other claim/s incidental or consequential to replacing a defective item. This limited warranty provides replacement for defective part/s only with coverage from the date the catalytic converter is first sold (including invoiced) or the date on which the catalytic converter is first put into service, whichever occurs first. The replacement or repair of a catalytic converter under this limited warranty does not extend the life of this limited warranty beyond its original expiration date. Warranty coverage is only available to the end user / customer who purchased it from a licensed motor vehicle repairer and / or exhaust installer accredited by manufacturer and / or it’s authorised distributor / importer. Manufacturer’s sole and exclusive obligation under this limited warranty is limited to, at manufacturer’s option, repairing or replacing the defective catalytic converter or refunding the original purchase price it received for the catalytic converter part at the time of the original sale.

To make a warranty claim, return the converter (per pre-paid freight) to manufacturer or its accredited distributor, importer or agent with invoice details, proof of vehicle maintenance and product warranty card, filled out in full.

This warranty does not take away any common law rights from the consumer that may apply under any countries statute, federal or state laws.

Manufacturer reserves the right to make a determination as to the proper operating condition of such vehicle including it’s engine, emission system/s, related controls and ancillaries and state of engine tune or condition. Manufacturer reserves the right to make limited warranty coverage contingent upon proof of proper installation, use and timely vehicle maintenance.

All warranty claims relating to defective emission performance shall require the purchaser to provide documented accredited proof or evidence (at purchaser’s cost) of such emission test failure.


IMPORTANT: If the catalytic converter you replaced or are about to replace was damaged or destroyed by the melting of the ceramic monolithic structure, or the metallic substrate, It can not be replaced as warranty claim!